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Our Story

Welcome! Get Cozy with Emme is a home goods company that aims to increase your quality of rest and relaxation. Since founded by Margie in 2020, Get Cozy With Emme has curated the product line to bring people absolute peace with a touch of style.


After years of wearing the hats of an employee, mother, wife, friend, sister and daughter while her own personal health symptoms were on high- Margie decided that rest needed to be a priority. When the pandemic first hit the world, she had down time for the first time in a long time. She was able to focus on being a mom, being an individual, and take time to explore new things. Margie had been admiring the chunky knit blanket style from afar for about a year and as no one could leave the house, she decided to make one.


After completing her first blanket, Margie found the rest she had been looking for and wanted everyone to experience this blanket.  The blanket was warm but not too hot, cozy and comforting.  Margie made a blanket for her daughter to aid in her online studies and immediately noticed the shift in her daughter's demeanor.  Margie knew that she wanted to share the mental health benefits each blanket would provide, as well as, the finishing touch it provides to the room of your choice.  Understanding the dual purpose of this blanket, Get Cozy With Emme was born. 

Made from 100% Polyester Chenille Yarn material, all of our throws, scarves and pet nappers are custom made to order. When you order from Get Cozy With Emme, you are able to choose the color and size specification of each item. Each throw comes out of the box with a proprietary scent meant to induce complete tranquility.


Get Cozy With Emme products are exclusively available online and limited Maker Market events throughout the United States.


Get Cozy with Emme is a woman owned small business that specializes in Curating your Rest Experience. Explore through the hand crafted home goods such as throws, pet nappers, scarves, scented oils and candles by Get Cozy With Emme!


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Get Cozy with Emme is an advocate for supporting individuals that live with Invisible Disabilities.

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